A Complete Guide About Amazon Search Query Performance

amazon search query


The Amazon Search Query Performance is a tool offered by amazon that lets the brands view the searched items and behavior of the customers. This operation offered by amazon is considered to be the best for the sellers as it allows them to access the performance analytics of customers. In this guide you will learn all the important points about it, hope it will help you.

What Is The Search Query

Basically, the search query is all the searches for a product made the by the customer on Amazon. You must know the difference between the search query and the keywords on amazon. Yes, the search query may act like a keyword but it is not a keyword. 

The difference between these two is that a keyword is bid in the ad platform while the search query is the name of products searched by the customers to purchase. 

How To Find Search Query

It is not very difficult to find the amazon search query performance in a private label account or a seller account. You can easily reach it by going to the Brands > Brand Analytics written in the dropdown menu. There you will see a green banner for the brand registry of your account up at the top.

If that green bar is unavailable to you then you will need to request more permission from the brand registry. When you will click on this bar two tabs will open, one will be for search query performance and another one will be for search catalog performance. 

Information Provided By Search Query

The Search Query is an essential tool because it helps you to access the searched terms of the customers, with this you can observe the behavior of the customer on Amazon. It will let you know which product is most searched by the customers, which means which product is customers are mostly looking for.

Search query also provides you the information about your brand’s performance, it lets you know how much the products you sell are being searched. And tells you the performance of your brand as compared to your competitors. 

Not only this, but search query also provides you the information about other data such as rank and search volume. Each data of search query is also compiled by it to highlight the critical performance metrics in each stage of the journey of customers in shopping. 

Moreover, this search funnel highlights every critical information such as the count of total searches of your brand, market share of your brand, total searches, and the average price.


Whenever you get the report of your search query, there is an option of the timeframe at the start which lets you take a look at your data. It allows you to go back up to 30 weeks or seven months, it is on to you how much back you go to segment your data.

This feature of the search query is not available anywhere else, it is a unique feature and is only available in the search query. 

Why Choose Search Query

There are many reasons why we would recommend amazon search query performance, some of the information are given below:

  • Provides the total number of the search queries
  • Provides the total add-to-cart per search query
  • All the search queries at a given timeframe are provided by it
  • Number of clicks your brand got 
  • Total number of impressions and clicks of your brand share
  • All conversions per search query

Moreover, the information about the searches was impossible until the Amazon search query offered it. Before, for getting such information people get help from the experts or companies such as Scale Fortune to get the required keywords and many more. 

No doubt, Scale Fortune is one of the best Amazon-related companies that provide the best Amazon Private Label service along with many other required services to grow your business. 

With the introduction of the search query, it has become very easy to access both organic and paid search data for each search term which helps you to easily understand the keywords and the search terms. 


These were some of the basic features offered by amazon which can help you a lot in improving your brand. Well, these are basic features but are rare to find, these types of features are not available everywhere. It has helped all the sellers very much to improve their sales by knowing the mindset and behavior of the customers. I hope this information would be enough for you to understand the Amazon search query performance.

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