A Complete Guide About Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising

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When doing business on Amazon whether it is a private label product, owning a large brand, or you are reselling wholesale products, the Amazon sponsored products advertisement plays a very important role. If you wish to grow your brand then it is very important to fully understand the advertising strategy on Amazon.

Categories of Amazon Advertising

As we know Amazon advertising plays a vital role in the growth of our brand and it is very important to understand it properly. So, Amazon advertising is divided into two categories explained below. 

  • PPC

The advertising service of Amazon known as PPC stands for Pay-per-click ads. This type of ad is usually used by professional or brand-registered sellers who want to get more customers. This ad platform is one of the most common and it includes sponsored display ads, sponsored products, and sponsored brands.

Access to Amazon attribution, Amazon Live, and Amazon stores is given to the sellers which come on the list of brand registry sellers.

  • DSP

This category of amazon advertising stands for Demand-side platform. It is a managed-service option, it is available for everyone whether it is an agency or advertiser, and whether they sell products on Amazon or not.

 To set this up you will need about $35,000 and will need to contact the Amazon advertising account because you cannot set it up easily just like Amazon PPC.

Importance of Amazon Advertising

As we know that the business of selling products on Amazon is increasing day by day, and a lot of tough competition is coming into this business due to which it can be difficult for you to grow your business. For all Amazon sellers and brands, the service of PPC ads is very useful and is popular among them.

Sponsored product ads are the key strategy for improving the performance of your business on Amazon. In the sponsored product ads the ads of your products appear in the search results of amazon and make it visible to all of the customers, which makes it a good start for the starters.

Even by using the PPC service of Amazon, some sellers are facing challenges and cant understands what to do to get profit. If you are facing such a problem then you contact Scale Fortune, which is a consulting agent of Amazon for full service including Amazon Private Label. It analyzes your business and helps you to identify the defaults and tells how you can quickly grow your sales.

Cost Of Sponsored Products Ads

The cost of the sponsored ads depends on the number of clicks done by the customer, Amazon charges you only if someone clicks on your ads. It is very hard to tell you the average cost for a month. The cost depends on the number of searches per month and the keywords you are targeting, the more they are the more expensive it can be.

Whenever you create an ad you set the cost of each click on your ad with Amazon. And then your ad is placed on Amazon according to the price you offered which means the more you will pay per click the more your ad will get visible to the customers.

Some Important Tips To Follow

  • All of your products should be priced reasonably, so anyone can buy it
  • Multiple shipping options should be offered
  • The title of the product should be great enough to attract the customer
  • The detail page of the product should provide neat and clear information, it would be better if used bullet points for key features, skill level, age rating, dimensions, etc.
  • The detail page of the product should be powerful enough to force the customer to buy the product, it should contain its uses, benefits, and value proposition in detail
  • High-quality and zoomable pictures should be added to the product, as it is the only thing that a customer sees first.


It is very important and useful for a starter to get its products advertised with the Amazon advertising feature. It will help you to put your products right in front of people which can help you a lot in increasing your sales.

Most of the sellers choose to run their ad campaign; it is also good but consumes a lot of time and effort. Even after that, it does not provide the expected results, but Amazon is a great platform and provides effective results here you can easily advertise your products and have to pay only one click.

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