How To Generate Passive Income From Amazon FBA Private Label?

Amazon FBA Passive Income


Usually, all of us use Amazon to place orders for the items easily that we need, but what if you can change Amazon into a business? You can make Amazon your business partner by selling products with your label on them, called private label products.

Private label products refer to buying products from other sellers and selling them on Amazon using your label and packaging. There are sellers on Amazon that find it difficult to deliver their products to very far places.  

So, you just need to buy the stock of products from those sellers and sell them by giving them renovated packaging and presenting them as your private label products.

How Much You Can Earn Through Amazon Private Label?

Want to earn through Amazon Private Label? Get help from Scale Fortune to get the remarkable service of private labels to get your desired income. As we can observe that Amazon is now dominating the eCommerce industry, daily more and more entrepreneurial-minded people are considering Amazon as a viable source of income. 

In only 2020 when Amazon was not so known by people, about 62% of the newbie sellers made a lot of profit. It explains that Amazon is a profitable business, if it can provide notable profit to the newbie sellers then experienced sellers can make a lot of profit. 

It has been observed that a maximum number of sellers make a profit of about $12,000-$300, 00 on Amazon through sales per year. It means that an Amazon seller can make about $1,000-$25,000 just through product sales monthly.

How You Can Earn From Amazon FBA Private Label?

As we know, Amazon is now considered the best business partner for people, but most people don’t know how to earn. It is very easy to earn money by selling products on Amazon, but you will have to take care of some things to be a best seller. If you want to know the key points that should be kept in mind then read this guide till the end.

  • Find The Demanded Products

Most of the sellers just start selling products without understanding which product they sell that can provide profit. First of all, you need to understand the market and find which products demand is very high in the market. It would very beneficial for a private label seller to always consider the market, and sell the product which has a great value in the market. It is beneficial for you because it assures you that you will gain profit through that product.

If you are starting your business and don’t know which products you should sell at the start, then just search ‘’private label products for small business’’ on Google. It will provide you with a clear idea of the products that you should sell at the start. Moreover, Amazon also releases a list of the bestselling products with their details on it, you can also observe that list and take an idea.

  • Find A Supplier

Another important thing you need to do to make your business successful is to find the best suppliers. You need to contact the best suppliers for the products you want to sell, then buy their stocks of products and sell them at good rates.

  • Get A Renovated Package

After finding a good supplier you need to design an attractive package for the products you are going to sell. To design a good package you will need to focus on some things such as the logo, style of the box, and design of the box.

You can do this by yourself but it would be better if you just hire a professional designer that can design the logo and the box for you. The design of the package is also very necessary, as most private label companies are ruling just because of the attractive packing they have.


If you explore the world of Amazon then you would probably find multiple ways to earn money. Earning money through doing small business on Amazon is quite easy. But to make your business successful you will need to take care of some things such as knowledge about the marketing, packaging of the product, etc.

However, if you are good at business still you will need to focus on the quality of the products you sell. It is because Amazon prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers, if your products are not liked by the customers then it will be unable for you to make profits.

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