How To Rank Your Product On The First Page On Amazon?

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We know that every single person running a business on Amazon is interested in ranking his products on the first page of Amazon. If you are also one of those people, you must come up with innovative ideas or go with practical ways that can be used for ranking your business products on the top of Amazon’s list.

In this guide, we have explained in detail how to rank products on the first page of Amazon. So, if you are interested to know, it would be best if you go through this guide till the end. We assure you it will be helpful for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

Take Advantage of SEO

SEO is considered the best way to get a higher ranking for your business products on Amazon. You must know how to collect effective keywords for this purpose and how to select the best title for your products.

The description of the products and the relevant information play a vital role in the products’ ranking but if you do not know how to utilize SEO for this purpose, there is nothing to worry about. You can consult Scale Fortune for this purpose. It has a team of qualified people who help you grow your business on Amazon using different techniques and methods.

Know About Amazon Keyword Placement

Keyword placement matters a lot on Amazon when you are concerned about getting a higher ranking on this platform. Once you come to know what people search more on Amazon and what they need on it, you set the names of your products accordingly so the most common keywords are used in their names and your business products could get a higher placement.

Let us tell you that keyword spamming is not enough for ranking your products on Amazon’s first page, you have to place all the keywords strategically which is considered the secret to increasing the visibility of your Amazon listings.

Understanding Product Description Method

You need to understand how to write down the product description of all your business products. First, you have to choose an effective title for each product but if you are finding difficulty in doing so, you can take help from Scale Fortune which is a company that provides you multiple Amazon-related services including Amazon private label service. 

It would be best if you write the features and benefits of the products in bullet points. We suggest you sum up the features under 1000 characters. Their description must provide all the details that the customer requires to know before purchasing. 

Learn About Ranking Algorithm – A9

Ranking of products on Amazon can not only be done with the help of SEO or keyword placement but there are also some other smart ways to do so. For example, you can use Amazon’s ranking algorithm – A9 for this purpose. Do you know how this algorithm works? If not, do not worry when we are here for you to enhance your knowledge.

For example, this algorithm can prioritize your products on Amazon’s first page. Here, Amazon places high importance on the exact keywords used in the search query so that only those products could be displayed that include those specific keywords within their listings. So, relevancy matters a lot.

Factors To Consider For Amazon Ranking

Following are some of the most important factors that are needed to be considered if you want to rank your products on Amazon. So, let’s have a look at them!

  • You must select the appropriate and affordable price of your products
  • You must be aware of the rate of click-through and conversation rate.
  • You must learn how to increase sales rank on Amazon
  • All the keywords must be relevant to your products and their description
  • You must stock your products to get and maintain high rankings


To sum up, you just need to know about the ways that can help you get a higher ranking on Amazon for your products. There is no rocket science in this task but we admit that it is a time-consuming task. So, you can hire an Amazon Agency for this purpose instead of doing this task yourself especially when you are busy doing something else. 

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