Amazon FBA

Increased Sales from 0 to Over $2000 Plus Per Month

This is the story of another small brand. This brand was out of stock when we had their account and sales were nearly zero. All he needed was to see sales! That’s exactly what we do, grow sales! First, we examined its listing; it wasn’t appropriately optimized, so we went ahead and optimized it well […]
Amazon Seller

Is Your Account Not Growing Enough? Read this!

The brand was getting sales, his ACOS was also low, but his sales were stuck at one point; so he wanted us to grow his sales and scale as much we can! First, we examined all the products in the Amazon catalog to figure out which product has the most potential. We read all the […]
Brand Amazon

Is Optimization Enough? Clients Testimonial

Clients remarks: The team at Scale Fortune delivered big for us. We had been trying to implement a brand change at Amazon for weeks, and it was pure frustration. This was seriously limiting our upside since we couldn’t implement a brand registry, and also creating painful downside risks as our top SKU got hijacked. I […]
Amazon Best Seller Rank

Getting Best Seller Rank In 1 Week With Zero Reviews In The Amazon UK Marketplace

Four months ago, a new brand Brit Buys approached us.  He was trying for quite a while to launch his Amazon store.  We took the initiative and launched his Amazon private label brand for him. First, we hunted for two low-competition and good demand products from the “Pet and Supplies category” for his Amazon store.  […]
Amazon FBA

The 3x Growth In 1 Month

We were contacted by a client a few months back. When he approached us his sales were at 4700$. The conversion rate on Amazon was 19% which was pretty good but he was missing a lot of sales just because his Amazon VA was not putting an effort into his Amazon PPC. After 1 month, […]
Amazon Product Research

Don’t Know Which Products To Choose? We Are Here To Help.

Amazon Case Study: Does a $1 price reduction help sales? We tested this with a month over month comparison and lost  $458 in revenue with static unit sales for one of our brands-Before Price Change: 07/24 to 08/20 – After Price Change: 08/21 to 09/15  There is a 1% net increase in Unit Sales but […]
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