Is Your Account Not Growing Enough? Read this!

Is Your Account Not Growing Enough? Read this!

The brand was getting sales, his ACOS was also low, but his sales were stuck at one point; so he wanted us to grow his sales and scale as much we can!

First, we examined all the products in the Amazon catalog to figure out which product has the most potential. We read all the business reports and search term reports and identified the problems before making any changes. 

We worked on the PPC strategies of that product and identified which PPC campaigns are missing. We focused and worked on all of his weak points. Did an ad audit, listing audit, and run Amazon ads on it again with additional newtons of campaigns keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

His sales were $48000 per week before we took the account. After 1 month his sales were 2x! His sales were on the rise and his ACOS was lower than 25%. 

With that, we also didn’t spend much on ads. Within the control budget, we brought great results to the client. We also kept its ACOS to its lowest, so its ACOS also didn’t increase. This is a very important step while working on growing sales. 

Because of working on Amazon SEO and running campaigns, its impressions increased as well. We worked on his images and chose those images that had a great impact on improving CTR because, in the online shopping world, shoppers buy pictures first before buying the product!

Just like this client, is your account also not growing enough? Are your sales also stuck at one point? If yes, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you!

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