Increased Sales from 0 to Over $2000 Plus Per Month

Increased Sales from 0 to Over $2000 Plus Per Month

This is the story of another small brand. This brand was out of stock when we had their account and sales were nearly zero. All he needed was to see sales! That’s exactly what we do, grow sales!

First, we examined its listing; it wasn’t appropriately optimized, so we went ahead and optimized it well by changing its content and by doing Amazon SEO. 

We did Amazon SEO and ran PPC Ads on it. Its ACOS was 100% plus when we had his Amazon account. Within just the first three weeks, we reduced it to 50% and a sales growth of 50%

We kept the ad spent to the minimum and tried to grow his sales organically. Within less time, it started receiving organic orders as well.

And within just one month, its sales accelerated from zero to over $2000 per month. It all happened because of our right strategies and understanding the problems in the list

We genuinely care about our clients and feel happy about their success! If you also want to increase your sales but don’t know how? Feel free to reach out to us. We are a team of Amazon experts with years of experience so your business will be in safe hands

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