Should One Make Amazon FBA Their Only Source Of Income?


Fulfilment by Amazon, sometimes known as Amazon FBA, has become incredibly popular as a successful online business model in recent years. It gives business owners the chance to make use of Amazon’s enormous consumer base, logistical network, and fulfilment services. While Amazon FBA might be a reliable source of revenue, it is important to consider if it is sensible to rely completely on it. The benefits and drawbacks of relying only on Amazon FBA are discussed in this article.

Advantages of Amazon FBA as a Primary Income Source

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Following are some benefits of Amazon FBA that will let you understand and decide whether you should consider it to make your only source of income or not:

  • Global Reach and Customer Base

Sellers may access a sizable client base that crosses all countries and cultural boundaries by making use of Amazon’s wide global reach. This unrivalled chance to maximise sales potential and broaden market reach offers unequalled exposure to millions of prospective clients.

  • Infrastructure and Fulfilment Services

Sellers benefit from Amazon’s strong infrastructure and fulfilment services, which are hassle-free. Amazon manages the operational parts, freeing sellers to focus on their main business operations like product sourcing, marketing, and company growth. This includes everything from inventory storage to packing, shipping, and even customer care. This simplified method makes operations more effective and helps save both time and money.

  • Scalability

The opportunity for scaling that Amazon FBA offers is one of its key benefits. By increasing their product offers, sellers may simply increase their businesses without having to worry about logistics. Sales growth creates the possibility for revenues to expand exponentially. This scalability feature enables merchants to take advantage of consumer demand and modify their operations to handle expansion without being constrained by logistical issues.

Potential Challenges and Risks

Following are some potential challenges and risks you might have to go through if you make Amazon FBA your only source of income:

  • Intense Competition

The market is saturated as a result of Amazon FBA’s popularity. It might be difficult to compete with other merchants, even well-known brands and producers. Consistent sales growth could involve a lot of work, marketing plans, and aggressive pricing.

  • Dependency on Amazon

You become reliant on Amazon FBA’s platform and rules if it is the only one you are using.  Any modifications to fees, regulations, or algorithm adjustments may have a big effect on your company. You can lose your source of income if your account is abruptly restricted or suspended.

  • Lack of Control

As an Amazon seller, you have limited control over certain aspects of your business. Amazon determines shipping and fulfilment processes, customer interactions, and policies, which can restrict your ability to differentiate yourself from competitors.

  • Fee Structure

Amazon charges various fees, including referral fees, fulfilment fees, and storage fees. While these fees are necessary for utilising their services, they can significantly impact your profit margins, especially if your product margins are low.

Diversification as a Risk Mitigation Strategy

Following are some ways that explain diversification as a risk mitigation strategy:

  • Multiple Income Streams

Relying solely on Amazon FBA exposes you to the risks associated with a single income source. Diversifying your income streams, such as through e-commerce platforms, your own website, or brick-and-mortar stores, can provide stability and reduce the impact of any potential issues with Amazon.

  • Brand Building

Expanding beyond Amazon allows you to establish your brand identity, build customer loyalty, and create a direct connection with your customers. Developing your own e-commerce website or selling through other online marketplaces can help you cultivate a brand image and control the customer experience.

  • Market Volatility

Economic downturns, changes in consumer behaviour, or shifts in the e-commerce landscape can affect Amazon’s marketplace. Diversification helps mitigate these risks by spreading your business across multiple platforms and markets.


While Amazon FBA offers significant advantages and can be a lucrative income source, relying solely on it as your only source of income may not be the wisest decision. The intense competition, dependency on Amazon’s policies, and lack of control over key business aspects highlight the importance of diversification. By diversifying income streams, you can minimise risks, establish a brand presence, and gain more control over your business. Strategic decision-making and exploring additional avenues for revenue generation will contribute to long-term sustainability and financial stability as an entrepreneur.

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