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What would advertising be like this year? Would multi-channel advertising/TikTok advertising be the new trend?


Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms for both sellers and consumers. Here sellers can make huge profits by selling different products and consumers can easily purchase any product they desire. Although millions of people visit Amazon daily it is not much easy for sellers to attract customers.

In the previous year, advertising has helped sellers a lot in attracting customers and improving their sales. Now as you know a new year has come and all the sellers want to know will this advertising strategy have the same importance this year or not. In this guide, we will explain how advertising would be this year and would multi-channel advertising/TikTok advertising be a new trend.

Advertising This Year

As we all know how important advertising was in 2022 for all brands. It now only provides visibility to the brands but also increased their sales. Customers were able to get in touch with new brands through advertisements.

Take an example, you are a shoe seller with the best products but you are unable to make higher profits. While other sellers with lower-quality products are making higher profits. Well, it is because they have gained visibility and attracted customers by advertising their products.

Over the years, advertisement has proved to be helpful for the sellers and it is clear that in 2023 too it will play an important role. If you are an Amazon seller, then you can contact Amazon for their pay-per-click advertising service.  This service helps the sellers a lot in gaining visibility.

Normally, a seller needs to manage all the product advertising process but if you are a busy person feel free to contact Scale Fortune for their private label service. They will manage everything and will find the best strategies for increasing your profits.

Socially Relevant Ads

All the advertisers in 2023 will need to design their ads very carefully. Any misinformation or irrelevant information can cost you a lot. Most of the ads focus on content that will fit the customer’s lifestyle but no one focuses on persuading the consumers to buy the product.

About 90% of consumers want to know how a product will be helpful for them because none of them wants to waste their money buying extra products. The customer considers a brand that aligns with their values rather than one which has strong recognition.

In 2023, advertisements will need to be more meaningful and socially relevant to the customers’ needs. If your advertisements are not aligned like this then there are chances that your brand may fall in 2023.

Social Proof

Social proof will matter a lot in 2023. In the start, brands started to attract more and more customers through false advertisements of their products. This worked well but now the world has advanced and does not believe in the quality of the product until they see social proof of it. 

Social proof improves the trust of customers and has proved to be effective in gaining more sales. You can ask a consumer to share his experience with your product, then you can share that experience as social proof of your
product’s quality.  

Multi-Channel Advertising

For most years, Amazon is the most visited site and best for advertising your products. In 2023 you will get to see a slight change, now social media apps have gained a huge crowd. Youngsters spend about 80% of their time using social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So, in 2023 for increasing your customer base, you will need to start multichannel advertising.

TikTok Advertising

According to our research, TikTok was the number one platform marketer in 2022. In the start, Tiktok was not taken seriously by businesses but it has been considered the best platform for the advertisement of products. We can tell without any doubt that TikTok will be the new trend in 2023 and will the sellers a lot in increasing their sales. All you need to do is prepare an effective ad and then post it or contact a TikTok content creator with a higher number of followers.


In this guide, we explained how important would advertisement of products be in 2023. And how advertising on TikTok will help the sellers. We hope all this information was helpful to you in any way. 

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