Single Portfolio

Brand Introduction

Niche: Industrial warning signs
40+ Parent ASINs
Monthly sales: $15,000 before onboarding
Monthly spend: $2,000
TACOS: Around 15%
ACOS: Around 20%

Main Challenges Identified

  1. For the past six months, sales have remained stagnant. This lack of growth can be attributed to minimal investment in PPC campaigns, which stems from the absence of a coherent strategy. The client has been unable to identify the top-performing ASINs and lacks clarity on which products to target in advertisements.
  2. Sales have plateaued in the range of $15,000 to $18,000. Despite this, the TACOS remained around 15%. Recognizing the need for improvement, the client expressed a desire to enhance TACOS while simultaneously increasing sales volume to achieve a greater overall profit margin.
  3. The PPC conversion rate, as well as the Click-Through Rate (CTR), fell below industry standards. This was primarily due to the targeting of irrelevant keywords in the campaigns

Our Solution:

  1.  Increase PPC spent gradually to boost sales while maintaining TACOS. Target exact campaigns with TOS modifier to enhance organic ranks, and target high-bid keywords through phrase and broad campaigns to generate profitable sales.
  2. The 80-20 ratio for targeting ASINs was adhered to, with only 20% of total ASINs being targeted because they accounted for 80% of sales. Additionally, business pricing was implemented to attract more B2B orders.
  3.  Sponsored display and brand campaigns were tested, yielding exceptional results. The visibility of the store page increased, leading to a boost in total revenue as well as profit.


🌱Profits increased from $5000 to $11000 within 3 months

🌱 Sales skyrocketed from $15000 to $35000

🌱 Conversion rate increased from 15% to 30%

🌱 CTR increased from 0.15% to 0.25% – Business orders increased after setting up business pricing


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