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Picture us as your strategic navigators in the vast sea of possibilities. At Scale Fortune, Product Research isn’t just about finding products; it’s about discovering opportunities. Our dedicated team dives deep into market trends, consumer behaviour, and competition, unveiling insights that fuel your mobile application design journey. 

From identifying gaps in the market to envisioning features that resonate, our product research service lays the groundwork for an app that not only looks good but meets the evolving needs of your target audience. Trust Scale Fortune to infuse your mobile application with strategic insights, ensuring it stands out in the competitive digital landscape. It’s not just design; it’s a fusion of creativity and market intelligence with Scale Fortune.


Find a product that has a higher average unit sales per day. For a baseline, you can keep it as 10 sales per day. That means when the product generates at least 10 sales per day, it has a significant demand to start with.

This isn’t the entire story, though! If the product generates only 10 sales/day with high operating costs, it is not a good product either. Why? The profitability of the product comes into the picture. A high average sales imply better profitability.

Winning Product

Let’s say you choose two products, both selling at $30.

Product A sells about 5 units per day, and Product B sells 10 units per day.

If you get a profit of $10 after the Amazon FBA fees, shipping, promotions, etc., the gross sale you make per month in Product A is $30* 5 units * 30 days = $4,500, and in Product B is $30* 10 units * 30 days = $9,000

And the profit you make for Product A is = $10 * 5 units/ day * 30 days/ month = $1,500 per month, and Product B is $10 * 10 units/ day * 30 days/ month = $3,000 per month.

Clearly, you can see that the type of products with higher average sales units per day have better profits.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you Research custom criteria or niche?
Yes, You can provide your custom requirement and I will provide you product according to your preferred information.
Will you share researched product with other clients?
We strictly follow product privacy and provide one product to relevant one client only.
Why should i purchase your service?
I'm working for 3 Year Plus as Full-Time Seller on Amazon. Research product according to client requirement and helping sellers throughout the process to start making progress this is what I am practicing for a long. I have many happy clients.


Mir Waleed is the Founder and CEO of Scale Fortune. He is an expert Amazon Consultant with over 3+ years of experience, Scale Fortune is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes flourish on the world’s largest online marketplace.

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