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Amazon Product Sourcing

Are you seeking a reliable, skilled, and experienced AMAZON PRODUCT SOURCING MANAGER or agent? We specialize in helping sellers find high-quality products at competitive prices.


Sourcing Expert: We are well-versed in Amazon’s guidelines and requirements, enabling me to get products that meet their standards and optimize your listing’s performance.

China Sourcing Agent: We have extensive experience and a strong network of trusted suppliers in the region. I will navigate the complexities of international trade, ensuring smooth communication, quality control, and timely delivery of your products.

EXW, DDP & FOB Pricing: Specialize in handling DDP, EXW, and FOB pricing, ensuring efficient logistics and transportation.

Excel Sheet Reporting For Amazon Sourcing: Specialize in creating comprehensive and visually appealing reports to present data clearly and concisely.

Gold Supplier & Trade Assurance: We will ensure that the supplier has a Trade Assurance on Alibaba that provides.

Why Product Sourcing?

Amazon Product Sourcing constitutes a very logical funnel that most sellers are unaware of. Quite often sellers find themselves in a fix while deciding the most profitable products to pitch on Amazon. Well, we have closely studied the product sourcing patterns of all-scale sellers who found success in a competitive marketplace like Amazon. We believe that sharing knowledge means the growth of the eCommerce industry and therefore every seller should know about it. So, It goes like this: 

Research on most profitable products> Amazon tools to know best-selling products > Ways to source products > Strategies and tips for execution and implementation.

Frequently Asked Question

How much experience do you have with Product Sourcing?
We have over 3 years of experience sourcing products from Alibaba.
How long do you take to source a single product?
Depends on the product and requirements but not more than 1 week to find initial suppliers.
Do you provide A-Z Sourcing?
Yes, we do. We can also provide shipping assistance too.


Mir Waleed is the Founder and CEO of Scale Fortune. He is an expert Amazon Consultant with over 3+ years of experience, Scale Fortune is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes flourish on the world’s largest online marketplace.

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