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7 Ways to Get Reviews FAST Without Getting Suspended for Your Amazon FBA Products

Let’s explore 7 strategies to obtain reviews quickly without violating Amazon's terms of service. We'll cover white hat methods, a powerful gray hat method, and two secret strategies that can help boost your review count without risking your seller account.
February 21, 2024 No Comments

In the highly competitive landscape of Amazon’s vast online marketplace, customer reviews play a pivotal role in shaping the success or struggle of a product. For sellers, acquiring reviews is essential for establishing credibility and a crucial factor in driving sales and enhancing product visibility. However, with Amazon’s policies and strict regulations against review manipulation, sellers must tread carefully when implementing strategies to garner reviews. 

Let’s explore 7 strategies to obtain reviews quickly without violating Amazon’s terms of service. We’ll cover white hat methods, a powerful gray hat method, and two secret strategies that can help boost your review count without risking your seller account.

White Hat Methods:

White hat methods refer to ethical and legitimate strategies and practices that adhere to a platform or industry’s rules, guidelines, and terms of service. In the context of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), white hat methods for obtaining product reviews involve following Amazon’s guidelines and policies strictly. These methods prioritize honesty, transparency, and fair practices. Here are some examples of white hat methods for getting reviews on Amazon:

  1. Amazon Vine Program:

Utilize Amazon’s Vine Program, which is available to brand-registered professional sellers with eligible FBA offers. Trusted reviewers receive your product for free in exchange for an honest review. This ensures compliance with Amazon’s policies.

  1. Insert Cards:

Include insert cards in your packaging, thanking buyers for their purchase and subtly encouraging them to leave a review. Avoid explicitly asking for positive reviews and ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.

  1. Organic Reviews:

Generate sales organically through promotions, coupons, and aggressive PPC campaigns. Follow up with buyers using Amazon’s automated email reminders to request reviews.

Gray Hat Method:

A gray hat method falls somewhere between ethical (white hat) and unethical (black hat) practices. Gray hat methods may not explicitly violate rules or terms of service, but they can push the boundaries or exploit certain loopholes in a way that may be considered manipulative. In the context of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), gray hat methods for obtaining product reviews involve tactics that are not strictly forbidden but may raise ethical concerns or violate the spirit of Amazon’s guidelines.

For example, using review services offering product deals to buyers who may be more inclined to leave positive reviews is considered a gray hat method. While these services are not explicitly against Amazon’s rules, the platform has taken measures to crack down on such practices, indicating that they may not align with Amazon’s intent for fair and unbiased reviews.

  1. Review Services:

Consider using gray hat services like Jungle Scout’s Jump Send or Rebate Key. Exercise caution, as Amazon has been cracking down on these services. Use them at your own risk and follow their guidelines to avoid penalties.

Secret Strategies:

Getting reviews for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) products generally refers to unique or less commonly known approaches that sellers may employ to encourage reviews without violating Amazon’s guidelines. It’s important to note that while some strategies may be considered secrets, they should still align with ethical standards and adhere to Amazon’s terms of service to avoid potential consequences, such as account suspension or product delisting. Here are the following two secret strategies to get reviews fast without getting suspended for your Amazon FBA products:

  1. Insert Card with Incentive:

Rather than asking buyers to leave a review directly on an insert card, sellers can offer a free gift or incentive, such as an extra unit of the purchased product or a free Amazon gift card. To claim the gift, buyers are directed to visit the seller’s website, providing an opportunity to gather their contact information. On the website, buyers are also encouraged to leave a review, creating a dual benefit for the seller: acquiring customer contact details for future marketing and increasing the likelihood of obtaining a review.

  1. Leveraging Top Review Websites:

Sellers can contact top review websites in their niche and request their products be listed and reviewed on these external platforms. These review websites often have significant traffic and can drive sales to the seller’s Amazon product page. The review site owner earns a referral commission by including affiliate links to the product on Amazon, creating a mutual benefit for both parties.

How Do I Get People to Review My Product on Amazon?

To get reviews for your Amazon products, start by making a list of your customers’ email addresses. Then, send them a friendly email a week after their purchase, thanking them for buying and kindly asking for a review. Ensure you provide a link directly to the Amazon review page for convenience. It’s important to follow Amazon’s rules, so avoid offering any rewards that might go against their guidelines. If you don’t get a review after the first email, consider sending a gentle follow-up, maintaining a respectful approach. This straightforward email strategy is designed to encourage positive reviews and boost the success of your Amazon products.

How Do I Bulk Request Reviews on Amazon?

To bulk request reviews on Amazon, navigate to the ‘Manage Orders’ page in Seller Central. Once there, you’ll find an option to send requests either individually or in bulk. Use the blue button located at the top of the order list to request reviews for all eligible orders on the page. This streamlined process allows you to efficiently seek reviews for multiple orders simultaneously.

Can I Buy Reviews on Amazon?

No, buying reviews on Amazon is against the platform’s policies and is considered illegal. While customer reviews play a crucial role in product sales on Amazon, attempting to purchase reviews is strictly prohibited. E-commerce platforms, including Amazon, take the integrity of reviews seriously and actively work to eliminate fake or purchased testimonials. You should focus on legitimate methods for obtaining reviews, such as providing excellent customer service and encouraging genuine feedback from satisfied customers.

Is There a Limit on Amazon Reviews?

Amazon had implemented a policy limiting the number of reviews shoppers could leave on the site. This restriction aimed to curb false feedback, allowing users to write only five weekly reviews for items not purchased directly through the online store. 


Getting reviews for your Amazon FBA products requires a strategic and ethical approach. While using black hat methods is tempting, the risks associated with violating Amazon’s policies far outweigh the benefits. Stick to white hat methods, leverage legitimate services cautiously, and explore innovative strategies like insert cards with incentives and collaboration with top review websites. Following these practices will help you build a solid foundation of reviews without jeopardizing your Amazon seller account. Remember, the key is to prioritize long-term success over short-term gains.

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