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How to Find Merchant Token ID on Amazon?

How to find merchant ID on Amazon
February 5, 2024 No Comments

In the vast industry of e-commerce, understanding the complexities of seller identification is crucial, especially when it comes to finding a Merchant Token ID on Amazon. Whether you’re conducting internal assessments, reporting suspicious activities, or simply seeking information, this blog will walk you through the steps to uncover a publicly available Merchant Token ID without requiring access to the account.

How to Find a Merchant Token ID on Amazon?

If you find yourself in need of someone’s Merchant Token ID on Amazon and don’t have direct access to their account, the process is surprisingly straightforward. Follow these steps to reveal the elusive Merchant Token ID:

  1. Identify the Seller’s Product:

Choose the Amazon product associated with the seller whose Merchant Token ID you want to discover.

  1. Navigate to the Seller’s Page:

Once on the product page, locate the seller information. This is typically found by clicking on the seller’s name or the “Sold by” section. In our example, let’s click on “Sold by Agis Age.”

  1. Examine the URL:

Look closely at the URL in your browser’s address bar. Amidst the characters and parameters, you’ll find the Merchant Token ID revealed. It is usually explicitly mentioned in the URL, making it a publicly available identifier.

  1. Record the Merchant Token ID:

Take note of the Merchant Token ID found in the URL. This alphanumeric identifier is unique to each seller on Amazon and is essential for various internal and reporting purposes.

What is Merchant Token ID?

The Amazon Merchant Token ID is a vital identifier for third-party sellers on the platform, enabling access to Amazon’s extensive Marketplace Web Service (MWS). MWS, in turn, facilitates the connection between your Amazon seller account and various third-party software and applications designed to enhance and streamline your selling operations.

Why I Can’t Find My Merchant Token?

If you can’t find your Amazon Merchant Token ID, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Here are some steps you can take if you’re unable to locate your Merchant Token:

  1. Check Documentation:

Review any documentation or records related to your Amazon seller account. The Merchant Token ID is often provided during the setup process or may be included in communication from Amazon.

  1. Seller Central Account:

Log in to your Seller Central account. Navigate to relevant sections that involve API access, third-party integrations, or account settings. The Merchant Token ID might be displayed or accessible within these areas.

  1. Contact Amazon Support:

If you’re unable to find the Merchant Token ID through self-service methods, reach out to Amazon Seller Support for assistance. They can guide you on where to locate the information within your account.

  1. Review Third-Party Applications:

If you’ve integrated third-party applications or software that require the Merchant Token ID, check the settings within those applications. Some applications may display or store this information for reference.

  1. Check Developer Documentation:

If you’re working with developers or third-party tools, consult their documentation or support resources. They might guide you where to locate the Merchant Token ID.

  1. Review Amazon Communication:

Check your email for any communication from Amazon regarding your seller account setup or API access. Important details, including the Merchant Token ID, may be included in these communications.

  1. Revisit Account Setup Steps:

Go back to the initial setup steps when you created your seller account or enabled MWS access. The Merchant Token ID may have been provided during these steps.

How to Find My Merchant Token on Seller Central?

Finding your Merchant Token on Seller Central is a straightforward process. This token is essential for accessing Amazon’s Marketplace Web Service (MWS) and integrating your seller account with various third-party applications and tools to enhance your selling experience. Follow these steps to locate your Merchant Token:

  1. Step 1: Log in to Seller Central

Access your seller account on Seller Central using your credentials.

  1. Step 2: Navigate to Account Info

In the top-right corner, you’ll find the ‘Settings’ menu. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu. From there, select ‘Account Info.’

  1. Step 3: Access Merchant Token

Within the ‘Account Info’ section, look for the ‘Business Information’ category. Under this section, you’ll find an option named ‘Merchant Token.’ Click on it to access your Merchant Token.

  1. Step 4: Retrieve the Token

The Merchant Token will be displayed on the page, usually at the bottom. Copy the token or take note of it for your reference.

Is Amazon Merchant Token Same as Seller ID?

Yes, your Merchant Token is essentially the same as your Seller ID on Amazon. The terms “Merchant Token” and “Merchant ID” are often used interchangeably, referring to a unique set of letters and numbers assigned by Amazon to your seller account.

The Merchant Token or Seller ID is a crucial element for integrating your account with Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services (MWS). It facilitates various functionalities such as generating reports, managing orders, conducting sales, and handling payment data specific to your account.

How Do I Trace a Merchant ID?

Tracing a Merchant ID is not a publicly accessible process, and these IDs are considered private information. Unlike some public identifiers, Merchant IDs are not searchable online. Instead, you can typically find your Merchant ID on your credit card documentation.

If you need to retrieve your Merchant ID or have inquiries related to it, it’s advisable to refer to official documents provided by your payment processor or financial institution. Look for statements, invoices, or any correspondence related to your credit card processing, as Merchant IDs are often included in such documentation for reference.


Having the ability to find a Merchant Token ID on Amazon can be a valuable tool for sellers, internal operations, and reporting activities. By following these simple steps, you can uncover the Merchant Token ID publicly associated with a seller’s account, providing valuable insights and information. Remember to use this knowledge responsibly and follow Amazon’s policies. Happy exploring!

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